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I love new friends. I love new people. I will (most likely) love you. So if you want to be my friend, just prove your point in comment format!
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**Hopefully I'll actually stick with it this year!

Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on. The 2009 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post. Join [ profile] 2009_scrapbook for more info!

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Because it's DANIEL JACKSON KITTY! :D Also:

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Here is the one I did last year

50 books in 2009
* = ones I haven't read before

o1. Vampire Kisses *
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75 Seasons of TV in 2009! )


75 Seasons of TV in 2009!

Rules and Guidelines:

1. I watch 75 Seasons of TV or more in 2009.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time & second-time Seasons.
4. I leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.
5. If I started watching the season in 2008, but finished it in 2009, it still counts

* = ones I haven't seen before.

0 / 75 Seasons. 0% done!
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Movies watched in 2009 )

2007 | 2008

Rules and Guidelines:

1. I watch 100 150 movies or more in 2009.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time movies.
4. I leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.

//since it has become apparent to me that 100 movies is really no challenge at all, I'm changing it to 150 :)

I've rated everything. *=I want my money and 2 hours back / *****=Going on the list of my favorite films
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This is my post for [ profile] mertonfanatic's Horror Challenge. Last year I only got to about 55 movies, this year I wanna do more! :D
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How I met Joss, Nathan and NPH.

So my dear friend Quinn called me after the 10:30 showing of Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog and told us he just followed the cast to the Mariot. At first I was iffy.. I was picturing him being like, 20 mins away from them and just staring at them from a far. So about 5 "Are you sure..." calls to him later, Cody and I decided to go check it out.

And when we arrived, HE WAS RIGHT THERE! ALL OF THEM! Joss, Nathan, NPH, "Penny", the Whedon Brothers, Fangirl #1... I was like "ZOMG!"

So, when it comes to stars, I normally just leave them alone and try not to bother them.. but this was different. MY HERO was standing no less than 10 feet from me, and I refused to walk away with out at least a picture. So Cody and I hung around the bar for an hour and a half just waiting for the perfect time for me to pounce him for an autograph. Finally, a couple near us heard me talking and the wife turned to me and said "Are you a fan of them?" ANd I was like "Yeah. *giggle*" and she asked if I wanted a picture with Joss, in which I replied with a very enthusiastic "YES!!!... and possibly Nathan..." and she was like "Okay! COOL! My husband an agent for two of them. They're all really nice, here let me introduce you!" And then she was all "JOSS! Hey Joss! This lovely lady here wants to meet you!" and he came over and I was in total and complete AWE. He came over, chatted for a bit, let me take a picture, I told him he was my hero, he said I was his heroin and then he got distracted by something pretty and walked off. So I continued to mingle and chat for about 20 more mins when we FINALLY got Nathan over to pose with me. It was funny b/c after the picture he was all "I didn't know there was a 2nd flash, I'm very ostentatious, I need to make sure it turned out okay!" *checks picture* "Ohhh that's a good one! okay cool!"

ANd then some dude did a lot of magic tricks that impressed NPH more than it should, but that's okay. NPH was standing with his back to me and my friend Tosh and I kept playing like we were gonna pinch his ass (I *so* WANTED TO! It was beautiful), so instead, I tapped his shoulder and he turned around and chatted us for a bit. Then we took pictures and I said

And then he took off and Joss staggered over again to chat us up some more. He was QUITE drunk but it's okay. It's such a blur I don't really remember what all was said.. I remember saying something like "Joss! You're a killer! WHY DO YOU KILL EVERYONE?" in which he smirked at me, raised one eye brow and replied (in a defensive, winy tone) "I don't kill EVERYONE! .. *insert evil Joss grin* .. but it is fun!!"

And then we proceeded to discuss how hung over he would be @ the Dollhouse panel the next day, and then some other stuff that was a bit blurry.. and then someone handed him a glass of wine, he got distracted and said he had to go say goodbye to someone. Gave us all hugs and left.


---John Barrowman waved @ me during his interview about his book.
My friend and I were in the WAY WAY back for his interview (the Wed before Comic Con), but if I shifted the right way, I could see him. So I did, and our eyes met. I stood on my tippy toes and lifted my head, John lifted his a bit more and he smiled. I waved and he waved back. omg my heart warmed so much. Later I met him for an autograph and he was awesome.
Sadly, my Gareth encounter was much less AWESOME. His peeps were being SO LAME and they would only let you get your things signed and then you had to move on. So while he was signing my stuffs I said *i love you.* and then he grinned funnily and said thanks. and then like the bumbling idiot I am I said "you're my favorite. you're the best part of torchwood. i love your one liners, you're hilarious"
and he just laughed and said "thanks" and then I moved on. At least I got to meet him though.

-Also, please don't hate me TOO much. I really don't wanna feel like I'm bragging. I don't want you guys to think that at all! I just need to write this out before it gets even more blurry in my head.-

In about 12 hours, I'll be on my plain to the UK! WOOO!
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*deep breath*

I just paid $10 to connect to the internets so I could tell you all....


We went to the Doctor Horrible after party and I talked to a drunk joss who was HILARIOUS and Nathan and NPH!!! omg...

I told Joss he was my hero, and he told me I was his heroin!

ANd I met John Barrowman TWICE AND I MET IANTOOOOOO!!!!!


And when I tried to take a pic with Joss, I still had it set to video, so even though you can't see anything, it's funny b/c you can hear him and it's funny.
(it took my 20 mins to upload this b/c of the crappy connection, sorry!)

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Um, just fyi Megan is pretty much the best and most amazing person in the world. You should all really know that. I mean, siriusly. She is.

I don't really know how to function on this crazy journal, but she's great. Okay, bye losers. :-P

Much Love,
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25 books in 2008
* = ones I haven't read before

Comment with any recommendations!

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50 Seasons of TV in 2008!

Rules and Guidelines:

1. I watch 50 Seasons of TV or more in 2007.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time Seasons.
4. I leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.
5. If I started watching the season in 2007, but finished it in 2008, it still counts

50 / 50 Seasons. 100% done!

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Doing this again. Here's the one I did for 2007

Rules and Guidelines:

1. I watch 100 movies or more in 2008.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time movies.
4. I leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.

I've rated everything. *=I want my money and 2 hours back / *****=Going on the list of my favorite films

100 / 100 movies. 100% done!

Movies watched in 2008:
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doing this for [ profile] mertonfanatic's Halloween Horror Challenge.

The Challenge
Watch 100 horror movies for October Challenge.


1. It must be horror. Cross genre films such as Idle Hands is allowed.

2. It must meet the minimum of 60+ minutes. This shouldn't be too much of a problem for most unless you want to get some silents in. Those will be allowed based on their historical value.

3. It must be a movie. Tv shows, unfortunately, do not count. You can't stack your list by watching episodes of Buffy or Supernatural. You may, however, use one of your three wild cards to watch an episode. Regular tv viewing does not count for the list. Made for tv movies can be counted as they're just regular movies split up.

4. It must be counted once. You can't sit and watch the same movie all month long. Each movie is one count as is it's initial viewing. And no, viewing it with the commentary on immediately after doesn't count either.

Wild Cards: You have three wild cards that you can use any way you'd like. Whether you'd like to use it on an episode on tv or Charlie Brown; it's up to you.

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50 Seasons of TV in 2007!

Rules and Guidelines:

1. I watch 50 Seasons of TV or more in 2007.
2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
3. I only record first-time Seasons.
4. I leave the entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.
5. If you started watching the season in 2006, but finished it in 2007, it still counts.

**I'm doing this in Alphabetical Order***
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Current # of titles: 830ish // Last Updated: Sept 23, 2008


If you want to know more info about my dvds, feel free to look at my DVDSpot list.

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Comic Con

Jul. 30th, 2007 05:55 pm
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So here is my post about Comic Con.

First, I just want to say I met ALOT of nice, cool people while waiting in lines, while sitting in rooms, or just trying to figure out what was happening. Alot of them are on LJ and I totally loved that.

Comic Con was amazing. Everyone there was so nice and so fun to be around. I honestly felt like I belonged there. There's just the feeling of understanding and freedom to be however and whoever you are/or want to be. And I loved that, my friend and I kept saying we wish there was a community like that where we could live. But Im sure that was just the 5 rockstars and tons of Spiderman fruit snacks we were hopped up on speaking.

So, what we did:
We saw the panels for: Fanboys, Halloween (Rob Zombie's new remake), The Mist, Eureka, Pushing Daisies, Laurell K Hamilton, Family Guy, Supernatural, Resident Evil, 30 Days of Night and Superbad. I know that doesn't seem alot, but it was.

As far as meeting people and autographs go, I only really met the Pushing Daisies cast and got their autographs. But that's alright, it was enough to just get to see everyone I saw.

As far as random sightings go, I saw Jason Dohring, Roman Dirge and Wil Wheaton (The main character from Stand By Me!)

I got tons of free shit, which I will probably post a picture of later after I sort through it all.
But for now.. Pictures!!

fan boys panel )

Eureka Panel )
Pushing Daisies Panel )

Laurell K Hamilton )

Family Guy )

Supernatural )

Superbad )

Misc Comic con pics:

The dolls are Dean and Sam dolls that people made and brought with them, and HAD to take pics of! hehe

EDIT: Lee was soooo sweet! After the panel I was scared I wouldn't get a place in the autograph line, so I charged the stage to get his autogrpah. He signed my Wonderfalls dvd. It was so sweet, security was pushing the cast off stage and I ran up and yelled his name. He saw me, and came over and signed my dvd, despite the fact that security was telling him no. I told him that I loved him because it was really the only words my mind could form. He said thanks and told me he wasn't sure if his signature would smudge off the dvd case, so I needed to be careful. After that I ran downstairs to get into the line to get the cast autograph.
THought I'd add how my convo with Lee went:
**writing it out now, check back in 5 for the complete convo.
*Lee: Hi
*Me: *GRIN* Hi!
*Lee: Back for more, huh?
*Me: Oh, Yeah, hehe... I love everything you've done! I had to hunt down Soldiers Girl because of you!
*Lee: Really?! Thanks! He's here you know....*cant hear what he said because it was really noisy*
*Me: COOL! Yeah, I'm really sad that Wonderfalls didn't make it. But I'm glad you're in this! I know this will make it!
*Lee: Yeah, well, it's all up to you guys! The fans are what keep us going!
*Me: Yep! And we will do that!
*Lee: I've got a new movie coming out soon called *blahblahblah*
*Me: OH! Yeah! I read about it on IMDB! I'm sooo excited for it! :D I'm so happy you're doing so well.
*Lee: Thanks!

**awkward silence with me just staring at him in awe*

*Me: Okay, well, Thanks so much!
*Lee: You're welcome! Nice Meeting you!

My convo with Bryan Fuller was alot less, awkward.
I told him how much I love everything he's done. And I'm glad he's started a new show and I hope it stays on for a long time. And at the con I got the button that says "Vote Petrelli" but I crossed it out and wrote "Vote Sylar" and he saw that and asked if Zachary did that. I told him I wished and that I did it b/c I love Sylar. haha. He was entertaining.
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Also, if you're going to comic con and want to meet up, Text Message (or call) me (hopefully my phone wont be dead) 818-913-6418. Or you can just email me (megan . tenenbaum [at] gmail . com) and I'll get it (b/c I had a sidekick and can read emails anytime on my phone.

Love you all!!
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woot. fun meme.

Leave me an anonymous comment with at least three (3) clues about yourself. My task is to guess your identity. Please try not to make the clues too obscure. They can be things like "____ is my favorite pairing" or "I recently went on vacation in ____" or "My username ends with the letter ___".

Make sure you leave it anonymous though, otherwise.. that kind of ruins it! haha

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stole this from a friend

25 books in 2007
* = ones I haven't read before

Comment with any recommendations! I'll be sure to add them to my summer reading list!

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Note: I'm not counting graphic novels, I know they're books, but I don't think it's right to compare them to full on novels. Plus, if I DID count them, I'd be well past 25 by now!
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